Ton Megens

The GROW Factor

Clients appreciate that I put my finger on the sore spot.

Ton has been active as a trainer and coach for over 20 years. His motivation is to get people and organizations moving. He is specialized in management development, sales and after sales training. This also includes individual coaching. He knows the automotive, leasing, capital goods and agricultural mechanization sectors inside out.

Valuable discussion partner

“My honesty is appreciated. Once I know the pain points, I can help people, teams and organizations to change and become better. Even when I have been around for a long time, I continue to inspire clients with different perspectives. In this way I help them to stay on the right track.
Service excellence is more and more the distinguishing success factor. An exceptional customer experience, that is exactly what I stand for. Growth and success require a continuous development process for lasting results. That’s what I like to help our customers with.”

Changing successfully

“As an ‘Insights practitioner’ I am certified to use the color language of Insights Discovery. With this I make communication styles, behavior and talents recognizable. This provides insight into personalities and opportunities that more easily lead to better results. I am also Talent Management Analysis (TMA) certified. TMA gives more insight into the developability of talents. TMA is widely used in assessments, career advice, etc.


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