Service training

Turning your service team into ambassadors helps both the customer and your own organisation


Service: the key to continuity in your turnover

It’s not just about acquiring new customers, it’s retaining existing customers that determines the success of organisations. Often, the service provided by the service department is the reason customers keep buying from an organisation or leave them.

Employees in your service department regularly encounter your customers. In many cases, they meet them even more often than the account manager/sales department.

The GROW Factor offers training that aims to help customer service employees (internal and external) and technicians to think and act in a (more) customer-focused way. We train them how to be aware of the needs of the customer (Mindset) and to develop a customer-oriented way of working (Attitude).

Your customers will experience this customer-oriented attitude as an additional service. Providing this service can be a reason for your customer to go into business with you, to remain a customer and to recommend you to others. This way, we help your service employees to become the ambassadors of your company!


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