Sales training

Selling is helping the customer to buy what (s)he needs


It takes more to be a professional in sales!

In recent years, a lot has changed in the sales field. The competition has not been idle and the world has become more transparent with the arrival of Internet and social media. Besides that, we faced the pandemic which has changed the way we do business enormously.

As a sales consultant, account manager or sales representative nowadays, it is essential to have the right mindset, skillset and discipline to get the order. These ingredients ensure that you will be successful!

The GROW Factor offers exclusively tailormade training programs, aimed at your internal and external sales employees. After intense training sessions, the mindset of your commercial employees is set to achieving maximum results, they have developed the right skills and adjusted their attitude and behaviour accordingly. Thus, they are able to convince customers and prospects of the added value of your company’s products and services.

Your company and your situation are the starting points for the contents and the specific focus points of this sales training. The GROW Factor has experienced trainers with sound knowledge of your industry. This means that we are well aware of the pitfalls and obstacles that your employees might encounter in their sales field.

We offer the following sales training (amongst others):

  • Commercial training for account managers and sales advisors
  • Commercial training for internal commercial teams
  • Selling by Objectives for a methodical market strategy
  • Price negotiation and closing techniques
  • Dealing with objections and resistance
  • Getting maximum return on investment of booths at symposia and exhibitions
  • Themed sessions that will support your plans for the coming year


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