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Assessments are effective tools for e.g. the recruitment and selection of employees., but they can also be used as development tools for current coworkers. They are tailor-made activities that we use in addition to our training and coaching programs.

The GROW Factor offers the possibility to determine the match of a candidate with a certain position and establish the areas of development of (new) coworkers.

In consultation with the client, we determine, a tailor-made approach. The GROW Factor only works with validated tests that actually measure what needs to be measured.

In addition, interviews and potentially role pplay can be used with the candidates about motivation, motives and ambitions. An extensive report will be available within two working days.

In accordance with the privacy regulations of the NIP, we always ask the candidate for permission to send the report to the client.

DISC assessment:

The DISC analysis is a valuable behavioral profiling system in which you learn to get to know yourself and others even better and how you can recognize the behavior of others and respond to it so that you get the most out of communication with others. DISC, which is based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, is the most widely used behavioral profiling tool of its kind, backed by decades of research and validation.

Insights Discovery:

In conjunction with IMPROVE training & coaching, The GROW Factor offers the Insights Discovery system which quickly and reliably maps psychological preferences. Based on the research and work of Carl Jung, the system uses a unique color language that promotes self-understanding, effective communication and organizational development.

The Insights Discovery® Profile uses a color language that is quickly accepted. The profile is applicable at all levels of your organization. The fact that this profile is available in 25 languages ​​and 35 countries also makes it suitable for international teams or organisations.

Insight into our own behavioral style and that of the other helps to increase the effectiveness of the interaction and the message. These differences are the ones have a major impact on the cooperation in a team and the realization of the objectives.

iScreen assessment

When an in-depth understanding of a new hire or an existing coworker is required, The GROW Factor uses iScreen assessments. These assessments are characterised by a dep dive into personality, intelligence, preferred communication styles and behavioral preference and when required, team dynamics.

They offer valuable information on a wide variety of specific personal, interpersonal and management competencies.

Specific job-related assessment including determination of the level of the essential competencies:

This full-size assessment includes one of the tools above, combined with a role play situation to determine the level of the most important competencies that a candidate needs to possess.


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